Natural Gas Pipeline Info
Proposed Lancaster County Pipelines Information: 

There is currently one ongoing natural gas pipeline that has been proposed to be built through parts of Lancaster County and the 100th Legislative District. I have put together this webpage to help you better understand the stated goal of these projects, where they stand in the process of being finalized and how to make your voice heard in the pipeline process. 

Rock Springs Pipeline:

This project has been completed.

Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline:

The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline is a much larger project than the Rock Springs Project, and it will also affect landowners in the 100th District. Williams is hoping to build 178 miles of new natural gas pipeline to connect existing pipelines in the northern Marcellus Shale regions of the state with an existing line in southern Lancaster County. Williams says this would improve the flow of natural gas to the southern United States and reduce the cost for natural gas customers throughout the east.

It should be noted that in the current proposal, none of the gas in the pipeline will be directly distributed to Pennsylvania residents for the immediate future, although it is possible that tap lines or extensions for Pennsylvania residents may occur down the road. I have submitted remarks to FERC about my concerns about the possible use of eminent domain and specifically requested that they explore adding laterals for local access in their approval process.

This project is also in very early permitting stages and if all applications and permit requirements are met, construction would begin sometime in 2017.

Detail maps for the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Expansion 

Click here to visit FERC’s website for more information.  

Keep in Mind - This is a Federal Issue

Although I am the State Representative for the area which will be impacted by the proposed pipeline, since the agency involved is a federal agency, the proposed pipeline is really a federal issue, not a state issue over which I would have a bit more influence and control. 
Since this is a federal issue, I am personally like any other landowner who is potentially impacted by these proposals.  My goal is to make sure everyone engages the proper people who can actually influence the process.