Cutler Comments on Uncertainty of Funding in Budget

Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) released the following statement about the passage of the 2010-11 budget bill in the House of Representatives: 

“It is the Legislature’s job to pass a balanced budget, but this budget contains $850 million in funds from the federal government that Congress has not approved.  I am not comfortable passing a budget that includes an $850 million question mark.  We need to budget based on facts and not on speculation. 

“I remain concerned about the mounting welfare spending we have seen under this administration.  During the Rendell administration, 600,000 people have been added to state welfare roll, and we now have more than 17 percent of or population on medical assistance.  I believe we need to pass welfare reforms, and I have introduced legislation that would thwart welfare fraud, which would be a significant cost-savings to the taxpayers.  We also need to ask ourselves if spending more on welfare programs than on basic education is good for the future of our Commonwealth. 

“We should be working on a budget that is realistic and sustainable, and I don’t believe the document presented to the House today meets either of those criteria.  Increasing spending in the face of a budget deficit, relying on potential – rather than actual – revenue sources, and not preparing for future obligations is short sighted and impractical.” 

House Bill 2279 passed the House by a vote of 107-89, and will now go to the Senate for debate and consideration. 

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