Cutler Named Co-Chair of Republican Health Care Task Force
Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) has been selected to co-chair the House Republican Health Care Task Force. He will join co-chair Rep. Kathy Watson (R-Bucks) to lead the discussion on health care in Pennsylvania.
“I am looking forward to bringing my experience in the health care field to help shape the best health care policies for Pennsylvania,” said Cutler. “Representative Watson and the other members of the task force have done an excellent job in crafting policies that prioritize patient choice and independent control of treatment while keeping costs low, and we must continue to provide alternatives to a publicly funded health care system.”
The Health Care Task Force examines the cost of health care and insurance, and issues related to the medical community. The goal is to develop viable alternatives to a government-run system with a focus on consumer choice, physician retention, and marketplace competition.
The task force has introduced a package of more than a dozen bills to move health care reform forward, providing greater access to quality care at more affordable prices for all Pennsylvanians. Cutler is sponsoring two bills in the package: one to assist hospitals in the implementation of health information technology and another to offer whistleblower protection to medical professionals.
The Health Care Task Force works collaboratively with the House Republican Policy Committee, along with five other task forces designed to develop commonsense policies for state spending, education and job training, energy, transportation and infrastructure, and state government reform.
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