Cutler Releases Statement on Budget Movement
Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) released the following statement regarding the House Democrats’ decision to pursue House Bill 1416 as budget vehicle, further delaying the budget process.
“It is unfortunate that on July 15, we are still without a state budget. Today, the House Democrats had an opportunity to expedite the process by considering and amending Senate Bill 850. I am disappointed they opted to advance House Bill 1416 because that bill will be subject to a more time-consuming procedure, when time is of the essence. July 17 will be a payless payday for state workers and there is no possible way to get a budget done before then. 
“Today we voted to suspend the rules so the budget can be brought up for a vote sooner than normal operating procedures would allow. I do not like suspending the House rules, but the many delays and games played by the Democrats have forced us into a corner. At this point, we just need to get this budget done. I am looking forward to a spirited debate on the budget Thursday.
“Although I am pleased the budget process is moving forward, I am still concerned that the governor and House Democrats will try to force a tax increase. Unfortunately, the Democrats have been as deaf to the outcry of the public against a tax increase as they have been to the Republicans’ repeated calls to get budget done before the June 30 deadline.”
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