Cutler Fears for Future of Pennsylvania Taxpayers
Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) released the following statement regarding the House’s defeat of the Republican budget proposal and the passage of House Bill 1416, which eliminates funding for Pennsylvania’s community colleges, state-owned universities and higher education grants and loans, and would force a future tax increase or expansion in gaming:
“The Republican budget was balanced, responsible and complete. The plan would have allowed the Commonwealth to spend within its means, as every Pennsylvania family has been forced to do during these difficult economic times. All essential functions of state government would have been funded in the plan, including public safety, hospitals, and state parks. Most importantly, the Republican budget treated public education and higher education fairly, unlike the Democrat plan that eliminates funding for higher education and imperils the education of Pennsylvania’s students. I am extremely disappointed that the amendment was defeated along party lines.
“House Bill 1416 is reckless in its unrealistic level of spending. This is not government living within its means, this budget is a failure of government to fulfill its responsibilities to the people of the Commonwealth – the responsibility to pass a balanced budget. We are facing daunting times and that calls for tough decisions to be made, but House Bill 1416 ignores the reality of Pennsylvania’s financial position and passes that financial liability onto the taxpayers who cannot afford to give more to government.
“We are on very dangerous ground with this budget’s failure to fund community colleges, state-owned universities and PHEAA. Democrat Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans has suggested that he would be willing to entertain various proposals to fund the $1.2 billion hole created in higher education funding by House Bill 1416, including expanded gaming and an increase to the income tax. The people of Pennsylvania need to know that the House Gaming Oversight Committee failed to move on a bill today that would have allowed legislation to legalize video poker to come to the floor. They are running out of options to fund higher education and are proceeding with this ludicrous and negligent plan anyway.
“This process is far from over. This budget is foolhardy and there is no chance that the Senate will agree to such a reckless spending plan. The Democrats’ persistence on passing a budget that spends money we do not have will most certainly raise taxes in the future and has further endangered Pennsylvania’s state workers, students and taxpayers.” 
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