Cutler Disappointed with House Budget Vote
Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) released the following statement explaining his disappointment with the unbalanced budget that passed the House today largely along party lines:
“The people of Pennsylvania should not be forced to send money to Harrisburg only to have it redistributed across the Commonwealth, not benefiting their local communities. In this budget, Lancaster County loses on the education, health and human services and other state funding formulas.  People want to know, what is the value they get for the money they send to Harrisburg? 
“I am not in favor of the tax increases that this out-of-control spending proposal will require. This budget will lead to a future increase in the Personal Income Tax, a possible increase or expansion in the sales tax, and a 2 percent tax on health insurance premiums. We should not ask our residents for one more tax dollar when they are not getting the value out of the money they are already sending here – especially when we have the Department of Public Welfare mismanaging money in the LIHEAP program, prisoners getting free postage and other absurd expenditures that are beyond the scope and purview state government.”
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