Passage of Table Games Counter to Reform Efforts, Cutler Says
Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) released the following statement regarding the passage of legislation that would allow table games at Pennsylvania’s slots parlors:

“The governor, in his typical carrot-and-stick approach, withheld funding for Pennsylvania’s state-related universities to coerce the Legislature into legalizing table games. Unfortunately, this despicable practice worked. Pennsylvania could have funded these schools without further sanctioning vice and promoting bad behavior, but table games have been on someone’s agenda since before the first slots parlor opened its doors.

“The way in which this bill was considered is completely counter to the reform effort, and frankly, it further tarnishes the image of this institution. Because the speaker rolled the bill back from third to second consideration to allow amendments, there will be discrepancies in the House journals. Additionally, there are concerns within the bill about money being allocated to specific institutions in violation of our constitution. It is bad public policy to pick winners and losers, and procedurally it is worse to advance an unconstitutional bill. I believe the process used to pass this legislation makes it ripe for a future lawsuit, and I would not be surprised to see this bill overturned.

“It is time for House leaders to respect the rules by which this body operates. The rule of law is a fundamental building block of our society, but when the people who make these laws cannot even conduct business under their own operating guidelines, it calls the entire system into question. Pennsylvania deserves better.”

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