House State Government Committee Approves Cutler’s Legislation to Protect the Integrity of Commonwealth Politics
HARRISBURG – Legislative language drafted by Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) and Rep. Brandon Neuman (D-Washington) to protect the integrity of Commonwealth politics by improving the filing system for lobbyists and increasing the consequences for violations of the Lobbying Disclosure Act was passed unanimously by the House State Government Committee today.

House Bill 1348 would improve the current electronic filing system for lobbyists. It would require all filings to be posted on the Department of State’s publicly accessible website within seven days of receipt.

“Right now, lobbyists do not receive an electronic receipt after they file,” Cutler said. “With the passage of House Bill 1348, everyone who files electronically must be provided email proof or a time-stamped receipt. This is important to protect our lobbyists.”

Additionally, the bill also would increase fines and penalties for violations of the Lobbying Disclosure Act. It would increase the maximum penalty imposed by the Ethics Commission from the current fine of $2,000 to $4,000. The bill also would increase the maximum administrative penalty that may be imposed for negligent failure to report under current law from $50 per day, to $50 for the first 10 days, $100 for each late day after the first 10 late days and $200 for each late day after the initial 20-day period.

“This bill has been passed in the House in the previous four legislative sessions. I thank Rep. Brandon Neuman and House State Government Chairman Daryl Metcalfe for their support of the legislation this session,” Cutler said. “It has been a pleasure to work with them as the legislation has advanced.”

The bill now advances to the full House for consideration.

Representative Bryan Cutler
100th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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