Cutler Measure Would Give People a Voice on Future Gambling Expansions
HARRISBURG – Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) introduced a measure today that would require a statewide referendum before any additional gambling facilities could be licensed in Pennsylvania.  The initiative was an amendment to legislation that would allow table games in the Commonwealth.

“The people deserve a greater voice on the question of expanding gambling,” said Cutler.  “Introducing more vice to balance the budget is despicable, and the people should have the right to say ‘NO.’”

Cutler’s amendment would have required a majority of voters from across the state to approve, during a regularly scheduled general or primary election, licensing for additional casinos in the Commonwealth.  If the referendum were to fail, it would be barred from further consideration for four years.

Cutler’s amendment was voted down, largely along party lines, by a vote of 93 to 102.

Cutler noted that he does not approve expanding gambling to include table games and plans to vote no on Senate Bill 711.

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