Cutler Advocates Cuts to Unnecessary Programs Before Tapping Rainy Day Fund
Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) released the following statement regarding his opposition to the current budget plan and his suggestions to balance the state budget:
“While some lawmakers want to take the drastic actions of depleting the Rainy Day Fund, raising taxes on businesses and raiding the tobacco settlement, I have a sensible plan to balance the state budget – cut unnecessary spending. Why does the state continue to pay postage for inmates and allow welfare fraud to continue? There are millions of dollars that could be saved by eliminating unnecessary programs and waste, but this administration would rather raise taxes and rely on gambling to balance the budget.
“It is irresponsible and illogical to raise taxes on employers while trying to combat unemployment. If we are trying to encourage businesses to hire new employees, we should provide incentives, as the federal government is considering. Raising taxes could lead to more layoffs, higher unemployment and an extended recession in Pennsylvania.”
Rep. Bryan Cutler
100th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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