Cutler Calls for Lancaster City District Judge’s Impeachment
HARRISBURG – Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) today called for the impeachment of Lancaster City District Judge Kelly S. Ballentine citing her violations of integrity and his desire to maintain the high moral standard that the judge’s bench commands.
“If people do not trust that the process is fair, they will always question the results,” Cutler said. “The residents of the Commonwealth deserve to be able to trust their public officials, and when that trust is destroyed, the official must be dismissed.”
After the state Judicial Conduct Board filed charges against Ballentine for dismissing three of her own traffic tickets in 2010 and 2011, Ballentine was also cited for running a shoe store without a tax license in 2012. She is once again being brought before the Judicial Conduct Board for additional offenses.
Previously for 16 months, Ballentine received pay and medical benefits as she completed a suspension for dismissing her tickets.
“Judges are members of our society with the greatest morals that cannot be influenced by circumstances. Unfortunately, this repeated course of illegal conduct, as evidenced by yet another pending appearance before the Judicial Conduct Board demonstrates the need for action,” Cutler said. “Ballentine has disappointed me, she has disappointed the public, and her extreme violation of the truth makes her unfit to continue as a judge.”
Representative Bryan Cutler
100th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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