Budget Continues Right Course for Commonwealth, Says Cutler

HARRISBURG – Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) issued the following statement after Sunday’s passage of the 2013-14 state budget in the House of Representatives. Cutler voted in favor of the balanced $28.4 billion spending plan, which does not raise taxes. The budget was approved on time for the third consecutive year. 

“This budget continues the course we set for state government three years ago to be fiscally responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars while still adequately funding core services, such as education, health and public safety. I am pleased we were able to accomplish that goal without increasing taxes in a difficult economy.


“We were able to increase funding for our public schools by $122 million, bringing the total to $10 billion, which is the highest amount of state dollars ever spent on basic education.

“Education funding amounts for schools in the 100th Legislative District are as follows (includes special education; accountability block grants; transportation; non-public and charter school transportation; and the state’s share of Social Security and retirement payments):

• Lampeter-Strasburg School District - $7,933,978, a 4.1 percent increase of $312,768.
• Octorara Area School District - $10,253,822, a 3.3 percent increase of $333,734.
• Penn Manor School District - $18,214,623, a 3.1 percent increase of $552,970.
• Pequea Valley School District - $5,758,863, a 3.3 percent increase of $183,790.
• Solanco School District - $15,655,184, a 2.7 percent increase of $421,337.

“I am especially pleased with the $1.5 million funding increase for the Department of Health, which includes additional money for ALS support services. ALS quickly and completely debilitates those who are diagnosed with this devastating disease. It is more cost effective to provide up front funding for these services than to wait for a patient to exhaust his or her resources before enrolling in taxpayer-funded Medicaid programs.”

Gov. Tom Corbett signed the 2013-14 General Appropriation Bill (House Bill 1437) into law on Sunday evening, before the midnight deadline.

PA State Rep. Bryan Cutler
100th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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