Cutler Calls Corbett Conclusion on Health Care Exchanges ‘Commonsense’
HARRISBURG – Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) today praised Gov. Tom Corbett for his decision to opt-out of creating a state health insurance exchange system that could have saddled Pennsylvanians with higher taxes and increased insurance costs.

“As someone who has extensive experience working in the health care field, I am both disappointed and disturbed by the lack of guidance from the federal government in setting up these state health care exchanges,” said Cutler. “This vacuum of information has left lawmakers with more questions than answers, making it unfeasible and unwise to participate in a state health insurance exchange. Opting out is the only commonsense approach given the deficiency of information. The financial security of Pennsylvania’s taxpayers is too important to risk considering the number of unknown factors surrounding these exchanges.”

Corbett announced today that Pennsylvania would be one of 22 states opting to participate in a federal, rather than a state-based, health insurance exchange.

Cutler noted that the Affordable Care Act allows states to annually re-evaluate establishing a state-based exchange system.

“If the federal government can provide clear information regarding the costs and parameters of a state exchange, we may ask the governor to revisit his decision in the future,” said Cutler. “Until we have all the facts, it would be irresponsible to proceed. I am hopeful we will be able to someday solve America’s health care woes; however, the Affordable Care Act does not get to the heart of the problems we face. Unfortunately, I believe the new federal law will only increase the costs of insurance and care for the majority of Pennsylvanians and further exacerbate the chronic underfunding of Medicaid reimbursements.”

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