Cutler, Boyd, Aument Recognize Accomplishments of Penn Manor’s Rocket Team

Reps. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom), Scott Boyd (R-West Lampeter) and Ryan Aument (R-West Hempfield) today introduced a resolution, which passed the House unanimously, to congratulate the Penn Manor rocket team on its national and international competition victories. 

“This team deserves recognition for its achievement in the United States and for representing our nation in international competitions,” said Cutler.  “Rocketry is a fun way to retain students’ interest in complex subject areas.” 

The team, comprised of Jordan Franssen, Brendan Stoeckl, Nate Bernhardt, Tyler Funk, and led by physics teacher Brian Osmolinski, placed first in the national Team America Rocketry Challenge.  It also traveled to Great Britain for an international competition, where it defeated teams from England and France. 

“It is wonderful to see local students so involved in scientific pursuits,” said Aument.  “The principles involved in rocketry could lead these students to future careers in aerospace, the military, research and development, and beyond.” 

“Rocketry involves more than meets the eye, and these students deserve to be commended for their dedication to the process,” said Boyd.  “It took months to design the winning rocket, and it took an in-depth knowledge of physics and extreme precision to complete the project.  The team also should be congratulated for the sportsmanship they exhibited by assisting their competitors during the international competition.” 

State Representative Ryan Aument
41st District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
State Representative Scott Boyd
43rd District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
State Representative Bryan Cutler
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