Democrats’ Education Funding Plan Lacks Accountability

Jun. 10, 2024 / Embed

PA State Rep. Bryan Cutler on the House Democrats' Education funding plan: While putting a massive burden on taxpayers, this legislation provides no accountability and no meaningful measures of success in a system that has taken increased funding year after year, but continually produced declining test scores and students unprepared to further their education or begin careers.

Putting More Money in Your Pocket

Jun. 04, 2024 / Embed

Pennsylvania House Republicans call for passage of tax cuts for Pennsylvania families and small businesses.

Combatting Illegal Immigration

Apr. 17, 2024 / Embed

House Republican leaders discuss legislation to combat illegal immigration in Pennsylvania.

PA House Republicans to Use Discharge Resolution Process to Advance Voter ID Constitutional Amendment

Mar. 25, 2024 / Embed

With a voter identification constitutional amendment having languished in committee for nearly a year, despite bipartisan support for the concept among both the public and House members, House Republicans held a press conference announcing they will be utilizing the discharge resolution process to advance the measure.

Shapiro Energy Plan Just Another Tax on Pennsylvania Families

Mar. 18, 2024 / Embed

Pennsylvania House Republican Leadership held a press conference Monday to call out Gov. Josh Shapiro’s latest energy plan as another tax on Pennsylvania’s families and businesses. Pennsylvania House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler argued Shapiro’s energy plan will increase energy costs while doing too little to spur on Pennsylvania’s energy economy.

House Republican Leaders Respond to Governor's Budget Address

Feb. 06, 2024 / Embed

PA House Republican leaders respond to the 2024-25 fiscal year budget address offered by Gov. Josh Shapiro.

Rep. Kerwin Being Deployed with National Guard

Dec. 13, 2023 / Embed

House leaders announce that Rep. Joe Kerwin will be deploying in the coming days to East Africa in his service with the National Guard.

Significant Wins for Pennsylvania Taxpayers and Students

Oct. 31, 2023 / Embed

PA House GOP Leaders hold a press conference to discuss significant wins for PA taxpayers, students in funding for State-Related universities

Leader Cutler on Democrats’ Midnight Amendment Madness

Oct. 05, 2023 / Embed

House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler and House Republican Appropriations Chairman Seth Grove said the process being run by House Democrats is reminiscent of the worst of pay-raise era politics.

Leaders Respond to House Democrats’ Massive Spending

Oct. 04, 2023 / Embed

PA House Republicans Discuss House Democrats’ Massive Spending and Code Bill Logrolling