House Republicans Elect New Leader

Jun. 22, 2020 /

As House Republican leadership has helped facilitate one of the most successful session periods in the modern history of the chamber, new leaders were elected today who reflect the next generation of voices to lead Pennsylvania’s House Republican Caucus.

Cutler Elected Speaker of the House

Jun. 22, 2020 /

Following a confirmation by the majority of members, Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) is the Speaker of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives.

28th Legislative District Office to Remain Open

Jun. 15, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster County) today announced the district office of former Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny)will remain open until a successor is elected in November.

House Committee Votes to Strengthen Police, Community Relationships

Jun. 15, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – As voices around the country call for action to grow relationships between law enforcement and the communities they protect and serve, today the House Judiciary Committee voted on two comprehensive bills dealing with the vetting and training of police officers.

House Leader Calls on Wolf to Follow the Law

Jun. 10, 2020 /

“The emergency services law is clear. Upon passage of a concurrent resolution terminating a disaster declaration, the governor is required to issue a proclamation ending the disaster declaration. The Pennsylvanian Supreme Court solidified this position in a ruling earlier this year, stating the General Assembly has the ability to terminate the order at any time.

Cutler Honors Turzai’s Leadership and Success

Jun. 10, 2020 /

“As I said in my comments on the floor today, every Pennsylvanian benefitted because Mike Turzai chose to commit so much of his life to serving in our chamber. The impact on the 28th district, the House and the entire Commonwealth will be felt for generations to come. Speaker Turzai set an example of professionalism, success and grace that should inspire every member of the General Assembly, regardless of party affiliation.

House Votes to End Emergency Declaration

Jun. 09, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – On behalf of the millions of Pennsylvanians who remain out of work and who are struggling every day to feed their families, pay their bills and protect their livelihoods, today the House passed a resolution to end the COVID-19 emergency declaration with bipartisan support.

House Majority Leader Responds to Election Day Changes

Jun. 02, 2020 /

“We will continue protecting the rights of all voters and will reject and fight back against any effort to disenfranchise Pennsylvania voters. The right of the people of Pennsylvania, working through the General Assembly, to pass laws remains equally important to maintaining a representative democracy, and we will continue to fight for this right.”

House Republicans Vote to Reopen Pennsylvania

May. 28, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – On behalf of the millions of Pennsylvanians who remain out of work and who are struggling every day to feed their families, pay their bills and protect their livelihoods, the House Republicans passed a resolution tonight that would end the business shutdown across Pennsylvania.

House Provides Resources to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

May. 28, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – Today the House of Representatives appropriated over $2.6 billion in federal funds aimed at addressing the myriad of challenges that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Included in the legislation was $625 million for counties, $225 million for small businesses, $632 million to protect the elderly population and $260 million to help those with intellectual disabilities.

House Votes to Freeze Pay Across State Government

May. 26, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – At a time when millions of Pennsylvanians are out of work, the House advanced a bill today that would freeze pay for members of the General Assembly and other officials throughout all branches of state government.

Bipartisan Effort to Put Pennsylvanians Back to Work Falls Short

May. 20, 2020 /

Tonight Gov. Tom Wolf’s veto, which ensures millions of Pennsylvanians forced into a dysfunctional unemployment system by no actions of their own have to stay there indefinitely, will remain in place after a veto override vote fell short of the two-thirds majority required by Pennsylvania’s Constitution.

Cutler’s Special COVID-19 Response Committee Passes House

May. 18, 2020 /

“This pandemic has stretched the government response and the reach of the government into so many aspects of our daily lives, like no other event in our lifetime,” House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) said. “Making sure the response was effective, appropriate and in the best interest of all Pennsylvanians is crucial to every decision we make now, and arguably more importantly, to being better prepared should we ever have to face this type of an event ever again.”

Lancaster Delegation Votes in Support of Commissioners

May. 14, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – As Pennsylvania’s unemployment statistics continue to rise, and the COVID-19 ‘curve’ is flattened, the House of Representatives sent a plan to allow counties to develop and implement their own COVID-19 mitigation plans for businesses to the Governor’s desk.

House Sends Comprehensive Response Bill to Gov. Wolf’s Desk

May. 14, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – As Pennsylvanians continue to flatten the COVID-19 “curve” and more counties are moving from “red” to “yellow,” the House sent a comprehensive response bill to Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk and the Republican caucus strongly urges the governor to sign the bill immediately.

House Republicans Vote for Small Businesses

May. 14, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – After waiting weeks for an arbitrary business waiver process, thousands of frustrated business owners are now just a signature away from having the choice to safely resume their family-sustaining careers.