Sep. 29, 2023

HARRISBURG – With the conclusion of Gov. Josh Shapiro’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Working Group, which endorsed some form of cap-and-trade program—though not specifically endorsing RGGI—House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) said that Pennsylvania energy policy should focus on making energy more affordable and stabilizing our energy grid:

“Pennsylvania is blessed with incredible energy resources that should be utilized to lower energy prices so it can be more affordable to live and work in Pennsylvania while helping the United States be a leader in energy production. In that respect, I am glad to see the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Working Group acknowledge the need to lower energy prices and make energy resources more widely available.

“What remains abundantly clear, and what should have been unequivocal from this working group, is that RGGI, in and of itself, is a tax on Pennsylvanians that makes energy more costly and will end up driving down energy production here in Pennsylvania. Those are both negative outcomes for Pennsylvanians struggling to make ends meet, those who benefit from Pennsylvania’s robust energy economy, and a country looking to increase its security with energy independence.

“Gov. Shapiro has the authority to immediately pull Pennsylvania out of RGGI while we examine alternatives that focus on affordability and reliability. It is my hope Gov. Shapiro will follow through on his skepticism of the RGGI program, end this harmful tax on Pennsylvanians, and work with us to fulfill our shared goals of increasing energy affordability and grid reliability.”

Rep. Bryan Cutler
Republican Leader
100th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives