Jun. 05, 2023

HARRISBURG – Using partisan procedures to block votes on election reforms that have overwhelming public support, House Democrats are once again showing their lack of interest in listening to the voices of the majority of Pennsylvanians, said House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster).

“Candidates and supporters of Democrats, Republicans and even the Green Party have filed lawsuits before, during and after several recent elections in Pennsylvania,” Cutler said. “Expanding post-election audits, report requirements, and voter ID would increase transparency and reliability for every voter in Pennsylvania.”

House Democrats ruled amendments to require voter ID, post-election audits and reporting requirements out of order, and in a follow-up procedural vote, every Democrat member of the House voted against transparency and trust in election results.

“Voters, candidates and policymakers deserve to have all the information, which is why I’ve supported these reforms over several sessions, and previous expansions were signed into law,” Cutler added. “These proposals are not partisan, but blocking them in the way Democrats are now truly is, and that hurts every voter in the Commonwealth."

Rep. Bryan Cutler
Republican Leader
100th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives