Feb. 09, 2021

HARRISBURG – Speaker of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) issued the following statement regarding the establishment of a COVID-19 Vaccine Joint Task Force:

“The people of our Commonwealth expect government leaders to work together in the face of a crisis. Members of the Legislature have heard these calls for months now as the pandemic has impacted so many aspects of our daily lives.

“Vaccine distribution must be the top priority for all levels of state government at this time. We have reached a critical moment in our battle to defeat the virus, and every misstep at this time is a delay that could result in additional harms.

“I applaud Gov. Tom Wolf for responding to our request for improved collaboration and communication ensuring the voices of the people of our Commonwealth are always at the table in dealing with this evolving crisis.

“I am honored to appoint Rep. Tim O’Neal (R-Washington) to the task force. Rep. O’Neal, a former Army captain, has already taken the lead in finding ways to improve the statewide vaccine distribution by authoring House Bill 326, which would have the Pennsylvania National Guard assist in the distribution and administration of COVID-19 vaccinations throughout the Commonwealth.

“National Guard members have the knowledge and experience from efforts both at home and abroad to position vaccines. The legislation passed the House last week and is pending before the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee.”

Speaker Bryan Cutler
100th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives