Jun. 25, 2020 / Press Release

HARRISBURG – Legislation to ensure that women receive coverage for custom breast prosthetics when that choice is the best option post-mastectomy surgery has been approved by the state Senate, said Rep. Meghan Schroeder (R-Bucks), who authored the measure.

“After speaking with a constituent in my district office, who inspired the legislation, I was upset to learn what she had been through the past couple of months with chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. With all the mental and physical pain that she had to endure, she also had to deal with the extra emotional stress of trying to get coverage for a device that would best fit her. I also learned that this issue is something many other women feel; that they do not have options that best suit their needs and that is both heartbreaking and devastating,” Schroeder said.

In some cases, women who have an irregular chest wall may not properly fit the standard prosthetics or may not be a good candidate to receive reconstructive surgery. Although most insurance companies provide coverage of off-the-shelf prosthetics and reconstructive surgery, these two alternatives are not always an option for every woman.

House Bill 1457 would provide clarity in the law to ensure that women have the option to choose which breast prosthetic best suits their individual needs.

“I want to thank my colleagues in both the House and Senate for recognizing the importance of this legislation and urgently responding to the needs of women who have to endure this painful process,” Schroeder said.

The legislation now awaits the governor’s signature to become law.

Representative Meghan Schroeder
29th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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