Cutler Appointed for Key Committee Assignments

Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) today announced his appointment to four important legislative committees in the House.  Cutler will serve on the House Health, Judiciary, Local Government and Game and Fisheries committees. 

“With my background in law and health care, I am very excited to serve on the House Health and House Judiciary committees, and I believe all the committee assignments fit well with my legislative priorities,” said Cutler.  “With the Republican majority, I expect my interactions with the committees to be somewhat different, but even in the minority, I was successful in getting several bills to the floor for a vote.  I am very optimistic about the session ahead.” 

The Health Committee considers legislation regarding issues such as immunizations, licensing of health care facilities, organ donation and transplants, pharmaceutical issues and specialized health programs.  The Judiciary Committee examines bills on subjects from tort reform to family law and includes topics covered in Pennsylvania’s Crimes Code. 

“I have served on the House Game and Fisheries Committee since I was sworn into office in 2007.  As an avid hunter, I enjoy delving into the legislative side of the sport,” said Cutler.  “Serving on the Local Government Committee will give me the opportunity to work more closely with the municipalities in my district to reduce unfunded mandates and improve the quality of life in communities throughout the Commonwealth.” 

The Game and Fisheries Committee addresses all legislation amending fish and boat or game laws.  The Local Government Committee considers legislation pertaining to local taxation, municipal pensions, planning and zoning, intergovernmental cooperation and municipal police departments. 

Cutler noted that 2011 marks a new chapter in Pennsylvania state government, with the Republicans regaining control of the legislative agenda in the House and the inauguration Gov. Tom Corbett.  These changes will impact the way the Legislature works with the administration and should foster greater cooperation. 

“We are facing many challenges, but I am optimistic that Pennsylvania’s new leaders will carry out the will of the people by making fiscally responsible decisions and nurturing a business climate that will promote job creation,” said Cutler.  “I believe Governor Corbett is a man of integrity who will lead Pennsylvania to brighter days.” 

State Representative Bryan Cutler
100th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Nicole Wamsley