With Obama’s Visit to PA, House GOP Continues to Offer Better Solutions for Containing Rising Health Care Costs

Republican members push legislation rejecting ObamaCare  


While President Barack Obama visited Philadelphia today to promote his health care proposal, Pennsylvania House Republicans continue to offer solutions emphasizing the need to control escalating health care costs and preserve the doctor-patient relationship, which could be used as a national model. Unfortunately, our proposals have been shoved aside by the Obama administration, causing the House GOP to step up its legislative fight to reject ObamaCare if it is passed on the national level.


After years of studying health care reform, the House Republican Policy Committee’s Health Care Task Force, chaired by Reps. Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) and Kathy Watson (R-Bucks), introduced a package of legislation that makes health care more affordable and accessible for all Pennsylvanians, helps to cover more of the uninsured and does not raise taxes.


After Obama asked for ideas on health care reform last year, the task force sent a letter to his administration outlining its proposals in September. To this date, this letter has been ignored and unanswered. In addition, Obama claimed he wanted to hold a bi-partisan summit to discuss health care reform. Representatives from more than 30 states signed onto a letter asking Obama to join this summit, including Rep. Matthew Baker (R-Bradford/Tioga), Republican chairman of the House Health and Human Services Committee. Once again, Pennsylvania and countless other states were ignored and shut out of the process. To view both letters, visit www.HealthCareForPaFamilies.com.


“It’s clear that President Obama has his mind made up and is choosing to ignore what the American people want,” said Watson. “The Obama administration is determined to push its version through Congress. We have tried to work with the administration to help better our country, but our offers have fallen on deaf ears. The president simply wants to forge ahead with his own agenda. States have been given no choice but to defend ourselves against ObamaCare.” 


Baker and Health Care Task Force member Rep. Curt Schroder (R-Chester) both have introduced legislation, House Bill 2053 and House Resolution 2179, which preserves individual rights to not take part in a government-run health care plan and works to preserve the patient-doctor relationship.


“Government-controlled health care means that we will have less freedom to make the health care choices that are best for us and our families,” said Baker. “A government requirement to purchase health insurance is ineffective, costly and arguably an unconstitutional infringement upon states’ rights.”


 “My bill recognizes the importance of health care while protecting the citizens of this Commonwealth from a massive government intrusion,” said Schroder.  “By amending our state constitution, we get the hand of the federal government out of our pockets and ensure the right of all Pennsylvanians to make their own health care decisions.”


House Republicans have been at the forefront of creating sustainable health care policy that will address the core issue of skyrocketing health care costs. Successful reform will occur only by using free market forces, which promote competition leading to lower costs and a consumer-oriented system. Obama’s $1 trillion proposal expands a failing system to help cover only some of the uninsured, which will not solve the nation’s health care crisis. The president’s plan will increase our taxes and the nation’s debt at an alarming rate. 


“I am mystified that President Obama continues to forge ahead with his health care proposal, when Americans are saying that is not what they want,” said Cutler. “For the sake of our country, I am hopeful that Pennsylvanians will continue to speak out and tell their elected officials they do not want a government-controlled health care system that will ration services and sacrifice their health care needs.”


For more information on the House Republican Health Care Plan, log onto www.HealthCareForPaFamilies.com.


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