State Examination of Property Tax Reassessments Will Include Cutler's Clean and Green Study
Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) announced the passage of legislation to conduct a study of Pennsylvania’s property tax reassessment system, including the impact of the Clean and Green program on local property taxes.
“When it comes to our system of property tax reassessments, Pennsylvania lacks uniformity from one county to another,” said Cutler. “This disjointed system makes the reassessment process confusing to the taxpayer, but I am hopeful that this study will provide the House with some direction to address the current inequities.”
House Resolution 334 directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, along with the Local Government Commission and the State Tax Equalization Board, to conduct the study and compare Pennsylvania’s statutes and methods with those of other states that have similar demographics, such as California and Maryland.
“I represent two municipalities that are located in Lancaster County but participate in a Chester County school district,” said Cutler.   “Multi-county school districts further compound the confusion of our reassessment system because when one county examines tax rates and the other does not, there have to be measures taken to ensure that the differences are equalized.”
Both Christiana Borough and Sadsbury Township lie in Lancaster County, but children in those municipalities attend the Octorara School District in Chester County.   Situations like these are replicated in many counties across the state.
The House also approved an amendment to the resolution, authored by Cutler, to study the fiscal impact of the Clean and Green program and how it affects local property taxes.
“I am fully supportive of Clean and Green because Pennsylvania has been able to preserve many farms as a result of this important program,” said Cutler. “Having said that, I recognize the cost of the program to local taxpayers, to whom the taxes are shifted. I am hopeful that the state can step in to offset this shift.”
Cutler has introduced House Bill 1788 that would require the state to compensate local governments in areas where enrollment in Clean and Green is especially high, so other taxpayers are not responsible for the total difference. He is looking forward to scheduling a public hearing in the future to hear testimony from stakeholders regarding his legislation.
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