Cutler Backs Balanced House Republican Budget
Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) is supporting the balanced, no-tax-increase budget proposed by House Republicans today as an alternative to both Senate Bill 850 and the governor’s proposal.
“This budget plan is a reasonable compromise,” said Cutler. “Some of the programs cut in Senate Bill 850 are going to be restored, but it is still a fiscally responsible plan that allows the state to live within its means and reflect our current economic situation. Most importantly, the Personal Income Tax will not be raised.”
The Republican proposal is a $27.27 billion spending plan that:
  • Increases support for public education.
  • Protects funding for higher education.
  • Ensures public safety program funding.
  • Restores cuts made by the governor to hospitals.
  • Allows state parks to remain open. 
The Republican plan is a balanced budget that makes up for revenue shortfalls through various sources, such as leasing state lands in the Marcellus Shale area for natural gas drilling, aggressively perusing delinquent taxpayers through a tax amnesty program and transferring a portion of the Rainy Day Fund. No increase to the Personal Income Tax is required to balance this budget plan.
Cutler noted his disappointment with the cancellation of session today and over the weekend by House Democrats. 
“The budget is the most important piece of legislation because it is our spending roadmap. Right now, we are essentially driving blind,” said Cutler. “It is time to bring the budget to the floor for a vote, and I seriously question the logic of anyone who believes it is acceptable to put off a vote on the budget until July 27. At that rate, we will not have a signed budget until mid-August. Now is the time to get it done.”
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