Cutler Condemns Pennsylvania’s Addiction to ‘Easy Money’ from Gambling

Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) released the following statement regarding his anti-table games vote on Senate Bill 711:


“Unfortunately the majority of the General Assembly has been laboring under the same delusion compulsive gamblers use to justify their addiction – that money from gambling can solve our financial problems.  We are literally balancing our books on the bad luck of our constituents.  We need to return to a system of prioritizing the state’s needs to balance the budget and abandon these gimmicky ‘revenue-enhancing’ methods.


“More than five years after Pennsylvania allowed slots gaming, there are still many loopholes to be closed.  Unfortunately, this bill does not adequately address all of those problems.  There seems to be a resistance to some of the reforms necessary to operate a transparent and corruption-free gaming industry.  We should be doing all we can to protect citizens from corruption, and we should work to pass laws that are in their best interests – not just the interests of the gaming industry.


“The lack of reform has been noticeable throughout the entire legislative process, and because of this and other procedural oversights, the final bill will likely be challenged in court.  If the General Assembly truly believes this is the best course of action to take, then we should at least take the time to pass the bill in a way consistent with our Constitution.”


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