Cutler Praises Governor’s Effort to Protect Pennsylvania Taxpayers
HARRISBURG – Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) heard exactly what he was hoping would be said during Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget address, when the governor stated he would not expand Medicaid at this time. Cutler released the following statement regarding his reaction to the governor’s budget address:

“Health care is one of the most important issues because it literally deals with matters of life and death. Our health care system is in serious trouble and the Medicaid expansion included in the federal Affordable Care Act will worsen the situation. I was very pleased to hear Governor Corbett say he will not significantly expand Medicaid. This is a sensible decision that will protect Pennsylvania taxpayers, patients and health care providers. We must seek an alternative solution that is fair to all Pennsylvanians.

“Transportation funding is something we must address. Pennsylvania is the gateway for many of the goods that travel across our nation each day, and our citizens rely on safe roads and bridges. We need to take a hard look at our transportation funding formula to see if it still makes sense. We also need to seek other sources of funding because the gas tax is a diminishing revenue source. Too often, government becomes entrenched in outdated practices to the detriment of those we serve. I am willing to look at innovate alternatives to ensure the safety of our infrastructure.

“Pension reform is vital to the health of Pennsylvania’s economy. We have a $28 billion budget and a $41 billion pension obligation. We cannot allow the pension shortfall to crush our ability to adequately fund public education, support road and bridge maintenance, and maintain public safety. I will review the governor’s proposed pension reforms and will listen to anyone who contacts me about this important issue.”

More information about Cutler and his legislative priorities, as well as budget information, is available at and

Representative Bryan Cutler
100th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Nicole Wamsley
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