Cutler Approves Legislative Downsizing, Will Continue Fight for Part-Time Legislature
HARRISBURG – Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) today voted in favor of House Bill 153, which would reduce the size of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 203 to 153 and the Pennsylvania Senate from 50 to 38.

“I support the legislation because it will reduce the size of government in Pennsylvania, and will give citizens a voice in the process,” said Cutler. “I am still in favor of a part-time legislature and will continue to pursue my legislation to return the General Assembly to its part-time roots, with reduced compensation for lawmakers. Ultimately, I believe the part-time approach will help to make the body more efficient.”

House Bill 153 would require a constitutional amendment to change the number of legislators. This requires the legislation to be approved in two consecutive legislative sessions and receive approval by the majority of Pennsylvania voters during a referendum. If the proposal clears these hurdles, Pennsylvania would have fewer lawmakers after the 2020 census and ensuing redistricting process.

Cutler has introduced House Bill 1064, which would make Pennsylvania’s General Assembly a part-time body, meeting for only two months every two years. His legislation would increase the terms of House members from two to four years to end the constant cycle of running for re-election, which decreases efficiency and effectiveness. The legislation also would reduce the compensation of legislators to reflect the reduced work schedule, and would move the Commonwealth to a biennial budgeting system.

“I appreciate the efforts of my colleagues in working toward a more efficient and responsive legislative body,” said Cutler. “One of my top priorities is returning integrity to our state government and earning the trust of the citizens, who deserve a cost-effective, efficient and transparent General Assembly.”

House Bill 153 will now go before the Senate for consideration.

More information about Cutler and his legislative priorities is available at or

State Representative Bryan Cutler
100th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Nicole Wamsley
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