Cutler Casts Vote for Fair Elections
HARRISBURG – Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) today voted in favor of legislation that would help poll workers to identify registered voters and impede voter fraud.

“As a Commonwealth, we are required to ensure the integrity of every vote,” said Cutler. “Every time a person casts a fraudulent vote, that person is essentially stealing from all the rightful voters in that election. We have seen elections in Pennsylvania come down to very slim margins, and just a few cases of voter fraud have the potential to distort election results. Nothing is more sacred in a democracy than a person’s right to vote, and we cannot allow voter fraud to taint our electoral system.”

Under current Pennsylvania law, individuals voting for the first time at a polling place are required to provide identification. This provision was enacted due to the requirements of the federal Help America Vote Act, which mandates ID for first-time voters who were not required to furnish identification at the time of voter registration. Pennsylvania does not require individuals to show identification to register to vote.

House Bill 934 would require all individuals in each election to present proper identification before voting. Identification could include a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license or other state-issued ID, a PennDOT-issued non-photo ID for individuals who have a religious objection to being photographed, a military ID, and photo identification issued by institutions of higher learning and long-term care facilities.

“We have made every effort with this legislation to ensure that individuals will not be disenfranchised by the identification requirements, including providing a provision for free state-issued identification cards,” said Cutler. “Voters will have ample time to obtain identification between when the act takes effect and the November General Election. Additionally, anyone who attempts to vote, but who cannot produce ID, will be able to vote by provisional ballot.”

Cutler noted there are many times when a person must provide photo identification and cited PennDOT’s statistic that nearly 99 percent of Pennsylvania residents of voting age already have a photo ID issued by PennDOT.

“Individuals are required to show identification when buying cough medicine, cashing a check, getting a passport, buying a home, purchasing a firearm – which is another constitutional right – and obtaining government services,” said Cutler. “Voting is so important and the integrity of our elections is so significant that it only makes sense to require an ID to vote. We cannot allow individuals to vote numerous times, to vote under the guise of a false identity or to vote in an election in which they are not eligible to participate. This legislation will provide Pennsylvania’s election officials a means to defend the sanctity of our democracy.”

Currently, 15 states require voters to provide a photo ID to vote, and another 16 states require some other form of identification to participate in elections.

House Bill 934 was approved in the House by a vote of 104-88 and will now go before Gov. Tom Corbett for his signature.

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State Representative Bryan Cutler
100th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Nicole Wamsley
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